Chairman's Message

Education cannot be confined to schools, colleges and universities. It is a life-long process. What we know and do and need to know and do, cannot all be taught by any school. But the school performs a very big service. It equips the learner with basic tools of learning and provides him with the fundamentals of knowledge so that the learner reaches a stage where he is capable of learning on his own. For a child
school is just like an open window to have the glimpses of the panoramic view of the wide world. It is a light house in the darkness of ignorance where beam of knowledge guide & show him or her a path to follow. On the other hand parents send their child to the school with a Pre-formed ambition to see his /her child as a further Doctor, Scientist Engineer and Businessman.I trust education must fullfill the aim of Learning, Knowing Doing & Becoming the whole approach of students and Teachers being Academic Achievement.
In this momentous task of man- making . I expect my team of teachers to come along and share my vision . With a hope to have you (parents) with me on this journey for accomplishment and quest for excellence through Determination, Discipline, Devotion, Duty & Divinity I invite you all.We can also very proudly say that we are the pioneers in digital learning and we always upgrade technology so that we are able to provide a cutting edge technology platform for our students. They learn how to learn and act beyond the prescribed curriculum and apply their knowledge to innovative and creative activities.
It is our mission to create an environment which promotes awareness and development of the self, so that individually and collaboratively, all students learn to make a positive contribution to the society. AIS nurtures and empowers children with the universal principle of self-discipline, self-enquiry, self-discovery, self-confidence and self-sustenance, leading to development of a community service ethics in education
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Mr. O.P. Gautam