School Motto

Our aim, in partnership with parents, professionals and the community, is to help children with special needs grow and learn on a path to a more independent life. To impart modern education on the lines of traditional ancient system where high moral values and character building are accorded highest priority. Since the day of its inception, the school is definitely treading slowly and steadily towards its cherished goal.
To contribute to cognitive, emotional and physical development of children. To help them positively integrate with the professional & social environment as balanced individuals. To facilitate them to excel in an area of their interest and choice and have a fulfilling life.


Green Valley International Public School is a place/ platform where moral integrity, academic excellence and the full potential of each student is nurtured for leadership and service. To build on our years of experience and our rich repository of human resource; to constantly integrate the emergent best practices of education into our system; to stay amongst the best schools and spread it to other geographical locations. Teaching methodologies that encourage every learner to realize his/her optimum potential. A conducive atmosphere that encourages the identification, nurturing, development and showcasing of the latent talent inherent in every child. community of enthusiastic learners and teachers with a balanced approach towards environmental and social concerns on one hand and a strong commitment towards achieving excellence in academics and co-curricular activities on the other.

  1. To inculcate Indian Values in our students and thus ensure their allround development by creating.
  2. Developing the God-given talents and giftings of each student through self-discipline and responsibility. Understand their God-given abilities and use them to honor their family/community/country.
  3. Where students are given opportunities to reach out to others in their community, their city and the world.
  4. From Pre-k through 12th Grade inspiring students academically, socially, physically and spiritually.